Thursday, 16 August 2018

The Problem with Peter and Proudhon

The prince and the producer both propose a mono system which necessarily effaces individual free association. The answer to mutualism and exchange is not communism but individualism and free association.

The other problem with the Prince is that he wants to preserve material abundance. Unfortunately for him there’s no recorded way of doing this without some type of exchange scheme to go along with work and compulsion. Pierre’s scheme is at least more workable though even his scheme would lead to some amount of material wealth contraction relative to what’s been built up by capitalism.

As a tapering off point it would make more sense to start with Proudhonian orange and black-skip the Russians-and the go straight to Émile Armand who has the better idea. OBVIOUSLY the Western Feudal born Manorial mono market must be abolished, even Tucker who’ slightly to the right of Proudhon would probably agree. Markets at the margins however may not be the worst thing in the world. Better them then some organization heavy bottom up ancom scheme.

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