Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The chains of freedom

Freedom as a reification comes out of a post bicameral language of self reflection. While the post mythological freedom philosophies can be very problematic I disagree with the sublimation to God and community that you are suggesting. For one thing the rise of the Godhead  represented a decline from a more relational human community that was not so symbolically compulsive and sublimating. Essentially the ancient state was made possible by this behavior as the post leftist a-civilization anarchists rightly point out. The problem is the objective weight of history in that the rise of literate beings made self reflection possible but also gave rise to new apparatuses of control.

I think the answer is to try and key in on an individuating processes while also not feeding progressive objectively constituting forms of information registers(easier said then done perhaps). For me the approach I take would be the Zen approach combined with an anarchic indigenous orientation. The bioregional movement has some promise in this regard. 

(A response to Eric Orwoll)  www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-laMdszIBI