Friday, 10 February 2017

Neuroatypical as Apolitical

As someone who is interested in growing the idea of an active apolitical orientation as it relates to anarchy it would seem to(as a neuroatypical person myself) that neuroatypical behavior is a right fit an active apoliticalism.

For some of us in particular for whom this is the wrong planet it would seem obvious that politics is also wrong for us. It is wrong in that it requires a socially adhesive normative glue which neuroatypicals such as myself don't fall into easily. This is not to say that those of us of that behavior and affliction should be seen as privileged subjects in anyway, however, those interested in a world of anarchy and a world beyond politics might look to learn a thing or two from those not easily brought into the organization of civilization.

I also see the neuroatypical as a truer conception of what a queer orientation to life is. The 1960s conception of what is queer simply does not work anymore and even back then with some hindsight it probably did not make sense to use the word 'queer' to define those of alternative sexualities that can simply be counter normed over time. There is much of 1968 that needs to be swept to the dustbin at this point in time. I have mentioned in anarchistnews that adolescents and some children can perhaps be the basis for new forms of 21st century transgressions. I can perhaps write more on that at a later time.

As it stands though, it's time that some of us within the neuroatypical body politic turn our energies into an body apolitic. Our einzige engines should be put to better use then to help power civilization, history and leviathan.

All things are nothing to us.