Saturday, 13 July 2019

If there still is to be a left wing position going forward

 Speaking as an unelective positioned post-left anarch-egoist.

IF there HAS to be a left going forward it better be thoroughly ant-authoritarian at minimum going forward. No more structural vanguard marxist influences which can be seen throughout IDPol fundamentalist (now old)leftism. Much like there are secular Christians who join with hard secularists and atheists, there need to be thoroughly anti-authoritarian leftists who are connected to the more radical post-leftist anarchists/anarchs. Lapsed Leftists if you will. The Chapo Trap class reductionists are not what I am looking for.There needs to be something akin to a Pomo Proudhonian structured left that is thoroughly disctinct from the Marxist structured left of 1968 and the greater 20th century. A discourse beyond either class or demographic identity reductionist thought toward a discourse that is prepared for the more individualistic psychographic identity structures of the future.

This is the only sort of left that could be at least preferential to agents of anarchy.